Phallosan Is as Easy as Putting on a Belt

The Phallosan is simple and convenient.

The path to results couldn't be simpler.

  • Put the vacuum cap on your penis and connect it to the Phallosan belt
  • Tension is automatically provided
  • Put on your clothes and go about your day
  • Adjust the tension throughout the day to increase the intensity
  • Whether you’re active or at a desk, the Phallosan is working for you
  • The longer you wear it, the more you grow bigger, harder and healthier

Put it on in Less Than 30 Seconds

The beauty of our revolutionary patented Phallosan is it’s simplicity. It’s a simple 3-step process. The vacuum is maintained automatically with the touch of a button. Adjusting tension is easy too, thanks to Phallosan’s revolutionary belt.

Step 1: Roll on the Vacuum Cap

The vacuum cap is a revolutionary new way to comfortably grip the penis. Most extenders use loops, grippers, or fasteners all of which can cause blood circulation issues. Our patented vacuum cap rolls over the head of the penis, enabling a clean, comfortable grip that can be worn without any problems. Rolling it over the penis takes no more than a few seconds.

Step 2: Press the Suction Button

The vacuum is created by an innovative valve that automatically creates suction at the press of a button. Once you have the vacuum cap rolled on your penis head, create suction simply by pressing the suction button. This will create a vacuum and your penis head will be drawn into the vacuum cap for a perfect fit.

Step 3: Put on the Tension Belt

The tension belt is where the magic happens. It allows you to stretch, extend, and grow your penis throughout the day. It’s designed to maximize your growth with a minimalist approach. Simply wrap the tension belt around your waist (no loops required!), and connect it to the tip of the Phallosan cap. Tension is then comfortably placed on your penis throughout the day. To help maximize your results even more, you can adjust the intensity up and down.

Phallosan Day or Night

Your biggest concerns with wearing an extender throughout the day and night are likely 1) comfort, and 2) discretion. Phallosan has been designed specifically to address these concerns. The Phallosan penis extender conforms to your body day and night, whether you’re active or sleeping. You can wear it for up to 12 hours. Our medical study shows the longer you wear the Phallosan, the more growth you’ll have. Because of the comfort and discreet design, you can go about your day worry-free.

Easy On/Easy Off Throughout the Day

Need to temporarily remove the extender? No problem at all!

Phallosan is as quick and easy to remove as it is to put on. You don’t even need to remove the belt. To provide an extender you’ll feel at ease wearing day in and day out, we’ve ensured Phallosan is a hassle-free experience. Easy On, Easy Off, Easy Results.

The Easiest Way to Get the Results You Want

Phallosan is the medically proven, user-proven solution for your unique penis enhancement goals. Other extenders can be complicated and even potentially dangerous. Phallosan is simple, safe and effective.

Easy Way to... A Larger Penis

No matter what your reason for wanting a larger penis - the desire to please your partner, personal improvement, or improved self-confidence - the Phallosan penis extender uses its innovative vacuum power system to provide size gains for both length and girth. It also improves blood flow to the penis, for harder and longer-lasting erections.

Easy Way to... A Naturally Harder Penis

Erectile dysfunction can negatively affect both your satisfaction and confidence. Phallosan stimulates the blood flow to the penis, with positive erection improvement effects visible after only 2 to 3 days. Many physicians recommend the Phallosan penis extender for slight erectile dysfunction. In our clinical study, the majority of users reported improved erection quality.

Easy Way to... Stop Penis Retraction

Penis retraction is a clinical condition in which the penis retracts into the subcutaneous fat, impairing both penile function and appearance. Though excessive body fat is usually the cause, if weight loss is unsuccessful, Phallosan can be used to draw the penis out of the fatty tissue through continuous tension.

Easy Way to...Alleviate and Fix a Curved Penis

Approximately 5% of people suffer from Peyronie’s Disease (a curved penis). Whether your penis curve is genetic or due to injury and no matter what direction your penis curves, Phallosan is the ideal solution. The Phallosan allows the penis to be straightened without losing length (as often occurs with surgical options). In the Phallosan clinical study, one patient’s penis curve lessened from 60-degree to 40-degrees in just 3 months.

Proven Satisfaction by Thousands of Users

Thousands of users have experienced, grown, and improved with Phallosan.

“I am 43, suffered from erectile dysfunction and had to take a lot of medications which only helped a little. Since I have Phallosan, I was able to leave the medical treatment!”

– Bob

“I think Phallosan is excellent, it gives a good consistent stretch thats also comfortable!”

- imac, forums