Expert Review: The Increase in Length is Clearly Visible

“On average, penis girth increased by 0.64 cm after 3 months and by 0.80 cm after 6 months The increase in length is clearly visible there was a significant change in the minimum length of the penis when erect. According to this, almost 90% of the patients were satisfied with Phallosan after using it for six months”

- Dr. Clemens Tilke, author of Phallosan Study

Expert Review: Feels like wearing nothing at all

“The comfort that I feel wearing the Phallosan is unbelievable. I never thought that I would come across a penis enlargement device that I could literally wear 12 hours straight. It feels as though I’m not wearing anything at all. After only a week, my dick hangs longer than it used to and I can tell that it is getting bigger. To sum it up I really think this is the best thing since sliced bread.”

- MyPhallosan creator and reviewer

Expert Review: Wear It While Doing Everyday Tasks

“With Phallosan, your penis fits snugly inside the suction bell and the protector cap ensures that the penis glans is protected from too much tension or pressure. The bottom line is that you can easily wear your Phallosan while doing most everyday tasks. It is remarkably comfortable to wear and not that restricting.”

- Creator of My Peyronie’s, Birgir Newbury

Expert Review: Phallosan Can Produce Penile Length

“Penile length significantly changed in flaccid and stretched state. Men reported an improved quality of erection. 80% were subjectively content with the results. Continuous use of a Phallosan can produce penile length after 6 months.”

- The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Expert Review: The Best Device for Growth

As a male enhancement practitioner for over 15 years, I’m firmly convinced that the Phallosan is one of the best results-oriented extenders on the market and it does all that it promises:

  • It’s excellent for comfort
  • It leads to maximum use, which leads to maximum gains
  • This enables you to get a bigger, harder, and healthier penis through consistent use.
  • If you’re interested in exercising your penis throughout the day without doing much work, I highly recommend the Phallosan.

    - Rob Michaels, author of Penis Exercises

    So far I’ve gained 1 inch (.75 in length, .25 in girth)

    “Well, where do I start? I found the Phallosan as an average size guy in terms of height, weight and penis size.Then life caught up with me and such, and the midsection fat and marriage of 20 yrs. I finally discovered a chat forum that offered up a bit of everything I was searching for . . . relationship advice, exercise advice and BEST of all penis enlargement.

    Well, to fast forward, I ended up with a Phalloson and couldn't be more pleased. To offer up a device that is basically stealth and requiring minimal effort . . . I was in. So at a 1,000 hrs in I've gained almost 0.75" inch in length and 0.25" inch in girth . . . this bundled with some light stretching and pumping on occasion. I can't wait to see my final results. Oh, by the way, I started at 6"x5". . . the Phallosan really is a MUST IF your goal is enlargement. The customer service is top notch too. Thanks so MUCH, Phallosan!”

    - DrP

    Expert Review: 1 inch 8 weeks (.7” length, .3” girth)

    “Everything is super clear from the beginning, their customer service is fast and polite and the materials, excellent. After 8 weeks I measured a growth of about 1.8cm (0.7 inches) in length and 0.7cm (0.3 inches) in girth. I did feel an improvement in my erections, which were harder than ever.”

    - Deon Bean, Author of Let’s Talk Sex

    My Hang is Significantly Longer in 1 Week

    “After only one week my hang and erections are already significantly longer and thicker. I think the key that makes Phallosan so great when compared to other devices is the fact that it is so comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Basically you end up getting max time under tension which ends up leading to maximum gains.”

    - Scott L.

    I have never seen such a comfortable device!

    “As for phallosan forte i suggest u to get one because is worth-it. I never seen such a comfortable device ever. U can wear-it at night on day time even 24 hours a day non stop and u wont feel any pain at all.”

    - Oxford forum user

    Comfort with this product is unmatched!

    “Comfort with this product is unmatched. I have used every device on the market trying to find the one you can sleep in and wear with ease during the day, and only this extender has offered that.”

    - Dan

    So far I’ve gained 1.4 inches

    “I gained 1.4 inches in just 5 months! Woohoo. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks Phallosan!”

    - Jason

    A good consistent stretch that’s also comfortable.

    “I think the Phallosan is excellent, it gives a good consistent stretch that's also comfortable. I can strap it on and just forget about it.“

    - imac, forums

    One Word: Phenomenal. I Wear it Everywhere.

    “I have worn the Phallosan to sleep, to work, to the bar, and even when being physically active. It does not constrict blood flow and I have felt no pain from spontaneous erections or things like that. I would probably recommend that you don’t go run a marathon with this thing on but for everyday use and comfort, I have one word: phenomenal.“

    - Carter

    I suffered from erectile dysfunction.

    “I am 43, suffered from erectile dysfunction and had to take a lot of medications which only helped a little. Since I have Phallosan forte I was able to leave the medical treatment. I am really happy!”

    – Bob

    Really fast shipping!

    “I ordered the product 4 days ago and it already reached me in Australia. Really fast shipping! Lets see how happy I will be!”

    - Sam

    Phallosan forte is the best!

    “I have many different Products, no matter what others say, Phallosan forte is the best one I ever had :-)”

    – James L

    Great Customer Service!

    “At first my sleeve condom broke, I was really angry but customer service replaced it on the same day! Now its already lasted 4 months. Great customer service, thanks!”

    - Jake

    Great Product!

    “Great product and customer service!”

    – Aaron

    Wear it all night long and sleep comfortably!

    “In my opinion it seems like the safest penis enlargement device that I have come across. I have been able to wear it all night long and sleep comfortably even forgetting I had it on.”

    - Johnny T

    The Phallosan helped me and my relationship!

    “I tried different stretchers and Pills (never buy pills!). The Phallosan helped me and my relationship!”

    – Jeremy

    Themicro vacuum technology is awesome!

    “This thing is like the Dyson for dicks! The micro vacuum technology is awesome, and it seems to apply the perfect amount of tension for comfort and growth.”

    - Chris T

    Sleeping in the device is awesome!

    “Sleeping in the device is awesome, the sleeves are so light that they don’t constrict blood flow during night erections. No pain and I have never woken up because of it. I think this device kicks butt and is made very well”

    – diesel225 forum user